Now Accepting Applications! 

Imagine working side-by-side with inspired, positive, and creative people committed to making lives better through the most fun and forward-thinking music, performing arts, digital arts, entertainment, technology, and event experiences imaginable: One song. One stage. One stream. One community at a time. 

Now Accepting Applications for our Inaugural Instructor and Guest Relations Crew!

Initial Creative Domains Include:

Keyboard/Piano, Voice, Guitar, Uke, Bass, Drums/Percussion, DJ, Music Production - Pro Tools/Ableton, Video Production, and Support Staff. Age groups include babies to boomers, beginners through advanced, group, private, and bands/ensembles learning environments, parties, live and digital events, concerts, productions.

Employment: Part-time employees with future full-time opportunities.

Timeframe: Fall 2021 Opening

Location: Centennial, CO 

How to Apply: Email your resume' or CV and a cover letter sharing why you want to join our creative family and what your dream position would be about. Submit your information to

Who are we?  

Pickering Creative Artists Academy 

What do we do? 

We help you overcome life’s noise with the most fun and inspiring music & performing arts lessons on the planet so you can experience personal fulfillment, realized potential, and inspiration for life! 

Why do we exist? 

Music saved my life. My family began to disintegrate when I was a pre-teen. At that age, you feel things very intensely. Expressing those feelings is essential for hope and help. I needed an outlet, and there were plenty of options from which to choose - some healthy, some self-destructive.  

I chose music, and I became inspired. I discovered music inside of me, a community of creative kids around me, all of which helped provide healing and hope for me.  

I believe there is a tremendous opportunity for our community and others to support and benefit from the presence of a fun, relational, and innovative Creative Artists Academy. I think that positively inspired people inspire people positively. And this can change the world because it changes people. - Michael Pickering

Our Mission 

We inspire: Individuals. Groups. Communities.  

We encourage and empower creative expression in kids of all ages.  

We do this by providing the most fun and forward-thinking music, performing and digital arts, entertainment, technology, and event experiences imaginable: One song. One stage. One stream. One community at a time.  

We believe in challenging the status quo in everything we do and by doing so, raising hope, inspiring and nurturing the human spirit, empowering people and their imaginations, amplifying creativity and the inherent value, dignity, and worth of every individual everywhere.  

Our Vision 

We desire to be one of the leading providers of Creative Artists education and events in this community and one of America's leading providers in our space, both physical and digital. 

Our Values 

The presence of difference 
The power of optimistic possibility 

Thank you for considering joining our family and becoming a member of our creative crew. We're looking forward to getting to know you.

Meet Chris Starkey, Our New Partner! 

Meet Chris Starkey, our new partner!

Opportunities! This one word sums up why Amy and I asked Chris to join our team. Opportunities - for our students, our families, our communities, and our team. 

Amy and I have known Chris for over 20 years. Among his many credits, Chris is the “Chief Mojo Maker” and founder/president of Imprint Group, a global entertainment and event production company based in Denver. 

Having Chris on our team provides our students with access to his vast arts and entertainment experience, resources, and network. We foresee opportunities to engage our students in upcoming events and musical and theatrical productions.

Just this month, Pickering Creative has provided soundtracks for a 30 piece Gospel Choir/John Legend tribute artist event at the Gaylord, a 60’s Aquarius flash mob event in Aspen, a Beatles tribute, Top Three Thursday Podcast original music production, and much more in the months ahead.

Meet Anjee! 

Meet Anjee!

It is with absolute delight that I am introducing to you our first Pickering Creative Artists Academy employee - Anjee Wren!

Hi! I'm Anjee! I was born and raised in Southern California and moved to Colorado in 2005. My husband David and I were married in 1999 and we have 2 children, our 17 year old daughter, Jillian and our 9 year old son, Eliott. We also have 2 dogs, Sugar and Zipper, a guinea pig and a handful of fish! My background is in Early Childhood Education and I am currently a Preschool Teacher at Hope Preschool. I love to teach and see kids learn and grow. My family enjoys road trips to California, fire pits in the backyard, music and video games. I love all things that are crafty, Mexican food, and a Coca Cola....and lets not forget the beautiful ocean! I am SO excited to join the team here at Pickering Academy! I can't wait to meet you!

Anjee is my part-time Executive Administrative Assistant and will become a central point of contact for Pickering Academy. I hired Anjee to ensure that as we continue to grow, so will the personal service we provide to our students, families, and community. I invite you to send Anjee a note welcoming her to our ever-expanding tribe. I know you'll fall in love with Anjee as you have the opportunity to connect with her. Anjee's email is

- Michael

Monday Motivation: The Easy Way Down 

The Easy Way Down - Seth Godin

Ski slopes are marked by difficulty. The green circle indicates the easiest slope, the one that will get you to the base of the hill the fastest, with the least amount of risk or drama. 

Why would anyone choose to ski down on the difficult black diamond run instead? 

Most passionate skiers would ask the question differently: why wouldn’t you? 

The point of skiing isn’t to get to the bottom. The point is how it feels on your way there. 

I’m wondering why this insight is so hard for us to embrace when it comes to learning or personal engagement or art or the work we do each day? 

There are speed bumps along the way, opportunities unevenly distributed, and unforeseen problems. But none of them get better when we decide to always seek the easy way to the end.

Lock in Your Lesson Schedule Months in Advance!  

Lock in Your Lesson Schedule Months in Advance! 

I have good news! You now have the option to schedule your weekly lesson days and times months in advance. Your monthly billing will remain the same - payment only one month at a time! 

Most students prefer to attend lessons on a regular weekly basis - same day of the week and same time of day. Previously, only 4-5 lessons could be scheduled in advance. 

Students can now use the “Recurring” option when scheduling lessons to secure dates and times up to 24 weeks in advance! To use this new feature, simply follow the guide below when scheduling your next set of lessons! 

Step 1: When scheduling your lesson, choose your preferred day & time and then select the new “Recurring” option.

Step 2: Choose the number of weeks you want to reserve in advance from the “Times to Repeat” drop down menu then click the “Add Recurring Times” button.

Step 3: Your lesson days & times are displayed. You can delete any of these if needed.

Step 4: Complete your scheduling process. Billing will continue on a monthly basis. No advance payment for additional weeks required!

Questions? Contact Michael at or 720-767-3627. Happy scheduling!!