Music Producing Lessons/Consulting

Music Producing Lessons/Consulting

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Music Producing is both art and science. Learn the fundamentals (and some secret sauce) to make the most of your mixes.

What you taught me about the challenge and treasure of eliminating the good to keep only the great has made all the difference in the world!” - Max Partridge


PICKERING CREATIVE ARTISTS ACADEMY offers Music Producing Lessons and Consulting Services. Lessons and services focuses on developing critical listening skills with particular emphasis on analyzing recording and mix techniques in the context of the popular music mix. Topics include: acoustics of the critical listening environment; mix elements such as balances, panning, EQ, reverb, compression, delay and time-based effects; instrument identification; stylistic comparisons of recording and mix techniques. PICKERING CREATIVE ARTISTS ACADEMY Music Producing services are designed for hands-on study of modern recording, mixing, programming and post-production techniques, oriented toward musicians with the desire to record themselves and others in a hybrid home studio recording environment. Our core philosophy is that contemporary performance-based music education is the best way to inspire students, gain musical proficiency, and encourage a passion for music. All of our lesson programs include a performance aspect.