Lessons Offered Online or In Person at our Home Studio

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezie!

PICKERING ARTS online lessons can be scheduled from our Schedule Your Lessons page. Online lessons are conducted via Zoom. Online lessons require the student to have an internet connection, an iPhone, iPad, or other means to facilitate a video call, and the instrument that the student is learning. Online voice lessons require students to also have a device they can play backing tracks on. At the conclusion of each online lesson, students then receive fun weekly activities to practice to further their music education!

In-Person lessons are offered at our home studio in SE Aurora, CO. All in-person lessons are facilitated in compliance with current COVID-19 safety protocols.

What Is Included In The Price Of Lessons?

Discounted Monthly Tuition  

Monthly tuition rates are discounted from our regular hourly rates: 

60 minutes- $240.00 ($60 per hour) 4-5 lessons per student per month  
30 minutes $160.00 ($40 per 1/2 hour) 4-5 lessons per student per month 

Hourly Rate : $70 per hour and $50 per 1/2 hour  

Family Discount For Multiple Students  

1st student is full price then 15% discount off full price for each additional student. Family discounts are automatically applied to all multi-student lessons.  

One-on-One Personalized Instruction  

We take a fun, innovative, and contemporary approach to music education. Our goal is to inspire student's love for music and love for themselves as music-makers. We teach using popular SONGS THAT STUDENTS SELF-SELECT. It is through this fun approach to music education that we simultaneously teach foundational, intermediate, and advanced music concepts and skills.  

Student Album Projects  

Students get to record and are featured on our Academy Student albums. Additionally, over time, students have the opportunity to create and record their own individual albums. 

Tonara Music App  

To help us stay in touch and stay on track, we use the award-winning musical education app Tonara. Finding the motivation to practice in between lessons can be tedious and tiresome for some students, especially the younger ones. Tonara is packed with features and benefits for students, making practicing more fun, engaging, and useful. Students that can see and feel their progress are more likely to stick with it and learn for longer. Tonara teachers report an increase of over 68% in average practice time since using Tonara. Tonara also allows students to chat with one another and with me. I love this feature because it will enable us to build a sense of community even during the current pandemic. Tonara is a FREE app for you!  

Convenient Scheduling  

You have complete control over lesson scheduling. Once enrolled, you'll be able to schedule your lessons online at your convenience. If you have a day and time in mind that works well with your schedule, We recommend scheduling all your lessons out in advance. Your tuition will renew each month automatically until you cancel.  

Special Events  

Students have opportunities to participate in online and in-person special events with Music, Theatre, and Entertainment Industry Professionals.  


All lessons can be taken in person or online  

Sheet Music and Additional Lesson Related Items  

All student lesson materials such as sheet music, CD's, etc., are paid for by students in addition to monthly tuition.  


"I absolutely love that my girls are learning the piano. Not only are they learning how to play, but Mr. Pickering is also recording their music. Such a gift! If you need a piano, voice, or any other type of music teacher, you couldn't ask for anyone better than Michael Pickering." - J. West  

“Thank you Michael for another great voice lesson! All three of my kiddos love their time with you and we can hear their progress.” — K. Rogers  

“My son LOVED his online piano lesson today with the talented Michael Pickering! Anderson had a blast! Thanks, Michael!!”  

— Amy Lynn 

“I love my online piano lessons! Mr. Pickering is so fun and I am learning so much. I just started and I can already play songs with two hands!” - Sarah 

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