Songwriting Lessons

Songwriting Lessons

Have Fun and Learn to write music with confidence

At Pickering's Place, our music lessons are like no other. From Beethoven to Billie Eilish, we do it all!


PICKERING PERFORMING ARTS songwriting lessons will guide you to learn to write artfully as well gain the skills for writing commercially-viable songs. You’ll develop a creative approach to contemporary music compositions, gaining real-world experience along the way. PICKERING PERFORMING ARTS will help you develop skills in melody, harmony, arranging, lyric writing, and an individual writing style. If you are interested in writing songs for other artists, you also have the option of taking music producing lessons where you will learn studio and MIDI demo production techniques. Our core philosophy is that contemporary performance-based music education is the best way to inspire students, gain musical proficiency, and encourage a passion for music. All of our lesson programs include a performance aspect.

I've learned so much from you about the rare art of storytelling! Thank you for helping me discover my artist's heart.”

— Taylor Snow (Singer/Songwriter)

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